3M Grippy Sanding Pad 68mm x 111mm x 20mm 35123


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  •  6.8cm x 11cm pad is designed for hand sanding with 3M Grippy sanding sheets when additional support is needede
  • The 2 cm thickness guarantees excellent stability in hard to reach areas
  • It can be used for wet or dry sanding
  • The film-backed sanding sheet has a non-slip backing
  • It does not get damaged even if it is folded

The 3M Grippy sanding pad has been specifically designed for use with 3M Grippy sanding sheets. This pad is great as a conformable support when sanding by hand. The 2 cm thickness promotes uniform sanding in tight and difficult to reach spaces. The pad and sheet can be used wet or dry.o.

Specially designed for use with our Grippy Excellent sanding sheets as additional support when sanding by hand in hard-to-reach areas such as grooves and confined areas. 3M Grippy sanding pad improves productivity in body repairs. This pad is designed for use with 3M Grippy sanding sheets and is made from a material that provides a secure, non-slip grip. Designed for wet or dry sanding, the size of the Grippy pad allows for sanding on small surfaces where finish and consistency are important. Together with the sanding sheet it is excellent for manual sanding in body repairs. The 3M Grippy pad and sanding sheets are ideal for preparing for painting, dulling surfaces, removing dirt and defects, as well as for sanding primers, panels treated with cataphoresis, the original bodywork and for finishing the transparent.ti.