SikaFlex 552 AT Adhesive Elsatico Structural Joints For Car Body

SikaFlex 552 AT Adhesive Elsatico Structural Joints For Car Body

SikaFlex 552 AT Adhesive Elsatico Structural Joints For Car Body

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Sikaflex® -552 AT is a one-component, elastic, high-performance adhesive with good filling capabilities, which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Sikaflex® -552 AT is based on Sika's silane terminated polymer technology and does not contain isocyanates. The production processes of Sikaflex® -552 AT are defined in a Quality Assurance System certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


- Advanced hybrid technology

- Adheres well to a wide range of substrates without the need for special pre-treatment

- Resistance to shocks and impacts

- Able to withstand high dynamic stresses

- High initial retention

- Fast hardening

- Resistant to atmospheric agents and aging

- Low odor emission

- Not corrosive

- Solvent and isocyanate free

- Free from silicone and PVC


Sikaflex® -552 AT is suitable for making structural joints capable of withstanding dynamic stresses. Sikaflex® -552 AT adheres well to all materials commonly used in the commercial vehicle industry, such as primed and painted metals, painted metals, plastics and plastics. Request information from the manufacturer before use on transparent or pigmented materials subject to stresscracking phenomena. This product is intended for use by professional users. Preliminary checks with substrates and specific application conditions are recommended to ensure perfect adhesion and material compatibility

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