Universal Transparent Primer For Plastic Palinal 844.2000 lt 1


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Anchoring Primer for Plastic, 844.2000 Palinal.

Package 1 LT

Transparent coloring.

The use of plastic components in cars has been increasingly developed in recent years, involving both internal and external parts in order to lower their weight, obtain better performance from the point of view of safety and economy.

The materials used for this purpose are the most diverse and are constantly evolving.

The Universal Primer for Plastic 844.2000 has excellent adhesion on various types of plastics.

Flaming is recommended for almost all types of polypropylene.

Primer 844.2000 can be painted over with solvent-based and water-based enamels.

In the case of flexible plastics, the painting cycle must be elasticized.


Careful cleaning of the substrate is essential before applying Primer 844.2000.

For this purpose, our Antisilicone Thinner is indicated, which due to its particular composition is not very aggressive even towards types of plastic sensitive to solvents, such as ABS and PC. Furthermore, the Antisiliconic Thinner performs an effective cleaning action with regard to the release agents used in the molds.

The presence of these release agents on the surface to be painted is often the cause of the adhesion defects found.

For these reasons a control test is always necessary.

In many cases it is possible to use the antistatic washing thinner 091.

Also in this case a control test is required.