3M Cubitron II Hookit Sanding Sheets 737U, 115 mm x 225 mm, multi-perforated


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  • 30% faster cutting than other quality abrasives
  • The self-sharpening PSG granules last twice as long as traditional industrial abrasives
  • A sharper cutting surface requires less pressure, resulting in reduced friction and wear
  • Multi-perforated design offers excellent dust extraction
  • Thanks to the Hookit system it adheres firmly to the pad, is easily removed and can therefore be replaced quicklye
  • Available in grits from 80+ to 400+

3M Cubitron II Hookit 737U sanding sheets are durable sanding quality sheets with self-sharpening grains that also ensure fast cutting, while multi-perforation ensures excellent dust extraction.re.

The 3M Cubitron II Hookit 737U sanding sheet integrates the best 3M technology for car repairs. The ceramic mineral provides superior durability and cutting properties compared to a traditional abrasive. This allows for faster cutting speed and guaranteed performance for double the time compared to traditional industrial abrasives. These precision properties, combined with the multi-hole pattern for improved dust extraction, make these sheets ideal for paint removal, rough body putty modeling and preparation of fine sanding steps. Our Hookit system allows you to change grain quickly.ente.


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