3M 16001 Rigid Cup For PPS 600ml 1 PZ


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  • The rigid cup and ferrule are durable for easy containment of disposable liners from the 3M Paint Preparation System, PPS.™.
  • 3M PPS is an all-in-one, single-use solution for measuring, mixing, filtering and spraying paint productsra
  • The system allows the paint to be sprayed evenly on the surface to be treated, allowing the gun to be used even upside down.
  • 3M PPS reduces solvents up to 70%, compared to traditional cups, and up to 90% when used in conjunction with 3M Accuspray spray gunsay

Use our range of 3M PPS rigid cups and ferrules to use 3M Paint Preparation System (PPS) disposable liners. They are available in 4 sizes and make it easy to measure, mix, filter and vaporize paint materials.ura.

3M PPS Rigid Cup and Ferrule is part of the 3M PPS Paint Preparation System. The cup is made of rigid plastic material and is used to contain disposable liners from the 3M PPS range. Our rigid cups are available in various sizes, to suit any painting need. Unlike the traditional hard paint cup system, the 3M PPS system eliminates the need to mix paint in a separate container and then filter it into the paint cup. This is an important advantage, because product waste occurs every time the paint is transferred from one cup to another through the use of filters. With the PPS, you can place the disposable liner inside the reusable hard cup. At this point you just have to mix the paint in the disposable PPS liner, place the disposable lid (with pre-welded filter) and screw the fixing ring to complete the PPS system. Once you've completed these few simple steps, you can start painting.verniciare.