3M 08984 Adesive Cleaner Cleaner for adhesive residues 1LT


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  • Quickly removes wax, grease, oil and tar
  • Can be used on fully dried paint, vinyl and fabrics
  • Removes paint fumes laws
  • Solvent based material

Removes residues of adhesives, waxes, grease, oil and tar with 3M Adhesive Cleaner for the correct preparation of the surfaces to be bonded. Our cleaner is composed of various solvents to quickly remove traces of adhesives, polishes, waxes, tar and oil from surfaces..

Clean fabrics, vinyl and painted (not fresh) surfaces with 3M Adhesive Cleaner. Our cleaner is composed of a mixture of solvents ideal for removing light paint fumes, traces of adhesives, polishes, waxes, tar and oil. The 3M Adhesive Cleaner must be used with the appropriate personal protective equipment, in accordance with current regulations on air quality and VOCs (Volatile Organic Contents).).