Spray paint Spray can Nitro acrylic enamel Glossy RAL colors Petrol resistant

Spray paint Spray can Nitro acrylic enamel Glossy RAL colors Petrol resistant
Spray paint Spray can Nitro acrylic enamel Glossy RAL colors Petrol resistant

Spray paint Spray can Nitro acrylic enamel Glossy RAL colors Petrol resistant

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RAL spray paint, fast drying acrylic paint, resistant to bad weather and corrosion due to contact with petrol, alcohol and various degreasers / cleaners.

4 types of cans available.

They will be shipped based on stock availability.

1 Quality Paint 

Spray cans:

Rolma Acrylevo

Rolma Mega Color


Net Coatings


ACRYLEVO , 100% acrylic, in the renewed graphic design, represents the 5th evolution over the years of a product that has always been the flagship of the company's production. The continuous research on raw materials, combined with the experience gained with the users of the product, have made it possible to make further improvements to the formulation, which previously ranked at the top of the market in terms of quality.
In the new version the product presents in particular “A GREATLY REDUCED RATE OF HARM..

The danger symbol disappears and the legal indications are reduced. The reduced environmental impact therefore favors its use even in environments subject to restrictive use regulations, such as industry and shipbuilding.a.



high performance acrylic enamel

  • wood
    • metal
    • iron
    • plastic


Overpaintable with itself at any time


Quick drying acrylic paint suitable for retouching and painting metal, wood and plastic items. Excellent adhesion and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Dust dry - 10 minutes
Dry to the touch - 20 minutes
Dry in depth - 24 hours



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acrylic paint for professional and hobby use. Excellent adhesion to all types of support; high yield and coverage; absence of dripping in the application phase; quick drying; surface resistance; inalterability of colors over time. ACRYL EVO has been explicitly designed to significantly reduce the impact on the user and is therefore recommended in all cases where more restrictive regulations are required. NOT APPLICABLE on polystyrene.

remove all traces of dirt, grease or peeling paint from the surface to be painted. Sand as needed. On unpainted or rusty iron, apply 1 or more coats of anti-rust primer and recoat after 30 minutes.

shake the can for about 1 minute. Apply several light and criss-cross coats keeping the can in vertical position at a distance of about 20 cm. After use, turn the can upside down and spray for a few seconds. Paint removal with nitro thinner and / or acetone.

Overpaintable with itself at any time

Drying times
dust free - 10 minutes
dry to the touch - 20 minutes
dry in depth - 24 hours

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