Sika Cleaner P 5LT Surface Cleaner


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Sika Cleaner P is used to remove foreign matter and contaminants such as grease, oil, dust and dirt from the surface before applying adhesives and sealants. Surfaces can be glass, plastic, metals, polyester powder coated metals and PVDF coated metals. The product should not be used on porous substrates. This product is exclusively intended for use by professionals with the necessary experience. To ensure adhesion and compatibility of materials, carry out preliminary tests with the original materials in real conditions. 


  • Good degreasing properties
  • Easy to use
  • Fast process


Pour Sika Cleaner P onto the paper towel to moisten it. Never immerse the cloth in the cleaner, as it may contaminate it..

Clean the surface with the damp paper towel. To preserve the cleaning power, replace the cloth frequently.

Before the solvent dries (evaporates), wipe the surface with a clean, dry paper towel.

Repeat the last two steps until there is no more contaminant residue on a white paper towel.

Cover clean parts that are not glued immediately to protect them from possible subsequent contamination. If more than two hours elapse between cleaning and further processing, repeat the treatment as described above.

The optimum application and substrate temperature is between 15C and 25C.C.

Use a clean, lint-free white paper towel.

Close the bottle hermetically immediately after each use.