Sika Activator Cleaner 205 sikaflex 5LT Activator Cleaner


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Solvent-based adhesion promoter for non-porous substrates

Sika Aktivator-205 is a solvent-based transparent adhesion promoter, which reacts with moisture and deposits the active groups on the substrate. These groups act as a link between substrates and primers or sealants / adhesives. Sika Aktivator-205 is designed for treating surfaces to be bonded prior to the application of Sikaflex and Sikasil adhesives and sealants.®.  




Sika Aktivator-205 is used to improve adhesion on non-porous substrates such as metals, plastics, ceramic screen prints and painted surfaces. Seek manufacturer's advice and perform tests on original substrates before using Sika Aktivator-205 on materials prone to stress cracking. This product is only suitable for experienced professional users. To ensure adhesion and material compatibility, it is necessary to perform tests with the substrates under real conditions.. 


Also available in packs of 250ml - 1000ml