SikaFlex 529 AT Sprayable Sealant For Bodywork 300ml Ocher

SikaFlex 529 AT Sprayable Sealant For Bodywork 300ml Ocher
SikaFlex 529 AT Sprayable Sealant For Bodywork 300ml Ocher

SikaFlex 529 AT Sprayable Sealant For Bodywork 300ml Ocher

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Isocyanate-free sprayable sealant for car bodies

Sikaflex-529 AT is a one-component sprayable sealant based on Sika's Silane Termination Polymer (STP) technology that hardens upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. It is used to reproduce the original seals of the factory supplied structures (surfaces and curbs) for the car body. 


  • Reproduces the original manufacturing finishes
  • Spray and bead application
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Excellent workability without overspray
  • Excellent thixotropic properties
  • Overpaintable with water-based paint systems
  • Low odor emission
  • Good acoustic and vibrational damping properties
  • Free of isocyanates and solvents
  • Free of silicone and PVC


Sikaflex-529 AT is designed to be used as an elastic sprayable sealant for flush and overlapping seals in collision repair and vehicle body construction. Where applied, Sikaflex-529 AT improves resistance against stone chips and other attacks to the car body. Sikaflex-529 AT adheres well to all materials commonly used in body shops, such as primers for metal and painted surfaces, metals, plastics and painted plastics. Seek manufacturer's advice and perform tests on original substrates before using Sikaflex-529 AT on materials prone to stress cracking. This product is only suitable for experienced professional users. To ensure adhesion and material compatibility, it is necessary to perform tests with the substrates under real conditions.i.  


Jar: FE40 - Iron Collection

Recycle only if perfectly clean and empty.

Otherwise, recycle at special ecological centers. .


Hazard label:


Safety data sheet available on request.


Contains trimethoxyvinylsilane. It can cause an allergic reaction.


Attention! In case of vaporization, dangerous respirable droplets may be formed. Do not breathe vapors or mists.

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