Metallic Putty in Two-Component Pan For Bodywork Metals 250gr Megasid

Metallic Putty in Two-Component Pan For Bodywork Metals 250gr Megasid
Metallic Putty in Two-Component Pan For Bodywork Metals 250gr Megasid

Metallic Putty in Two-Component Pan For Bodywork Metals 250gr Megasid

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MEGASID Metal Remover.

The two-component putty for metals MEGASID is a putty for sheet metal in which the qualities of sanding are enhanced. The spreadability and rapid drying speed up production rates. The characteristics after hardening are excellent: high adhesive capacity, good surface drying and elasticity.
MEGASID Stucco for metals can be applied on bare sheets, new sheets and galvanized sheets; the light color allows an easy paintability.


- Make sure that the surfaces to be grouted are perfectly dry and clean, in case of application on bare metal, sand it with abrasive papers P 80 and P 150;
- Take the quantity to use from the jar with clean tools, adding 1 - 3 grams of hardener for every 100 grams of product;
- Mix this quantity by mixing the two components well;
- Apply the filler on the surface to be worked, bearing in mind that the product can be sanded (grain P 80 P 120 dry) after about 30 - 40 minutes; hardening times can be altered according to the ambient temperature: they shorten with temperatures above 25 C and lengthen with lower temperatures;i;
- Do not put back catalyzed and / or unused putty in the jar to prevent the entire contents of the jar from deteriorating;
- Close the jar after use, in order to prevent the product from hardening in contact with air.

Always check the provisions of your municipality.
UFI: 1S80-J0UC-6000-4TVU


Hazard statements:

 H226 Flammable liquid and vapor. H361d Suspected of damaging the unborn child.

H372 Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.

H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

H315 Causes skin irritation.

H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction.


Precautionary advice:

 P201 Obtain special instructions before use. P210 Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames or other sources of ignition.

Not smoking.

P260 Do not breathe dust / fume / gas / mist / vapors / spray.

 P280 Wear protective gloves / clothing and protect eyes / face.

 P308 + P313 IF exposed or likely to be exposed, seek medical attention. P370 + P378 In case of fire: use carbon dioxide, foam, chemical powder to extinguish.







VOC (Directive 2004/42 / EC):

 VOC expressed in g / liter of ready-to-use product: 59.00

 Maximum limit: 250.00

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