To participate in the points collection campaign it is necessary to create an account.

By creating the account you will be credited immediately 20 POINTS.

20 Reward Points cannot be accessed for existing accounts.

By entering your birthday date, you will be credited with 15 POINTS when your birthday arrives.

If your birthday is within the next 30 days, your reward will be delayed, up to 30 days.

Each time you send an invitation and the invitee spends 50 you get 30 reward POINTS. 

If you spend less than 50 you will not access the prize, while if it exceeds 50 the points credited will always remain 30.0.

Furthermore, for each purchase made with the same account, registered through the points collection, 1 POINT will be credited for EVERY Euro spent.


I conclude a purchase of 100 100Points will be credited..

Should a return or refund be made, the POINTS WILL BE SCALED.

If the access data are lost, it will not be possible to request them from customer service, as they are NOT in our possession.

Points will NEVER expire!

Rewards use:


  • Once the various milestones have been reached, it is possible to redeem the rewards or continue to accumulate points to access the following milestones;
  • Points CANNOT be purchased;
  • Points CANNOT pass from one account to another, THEY ARE PERSONAL;
  • Once the prize has been redeemed it is not possible to transfer it to another person, if this happens the discount code will be canceled
  • Once the prize has been redeemed, you have 6 MONTHS to use it, after this time it will be canceled and the points used to redeem it will be lost.


For any other information contact us: