Renner YM-M040 Water-based Wood Impregnator LT 5 Long-lasting 14 COLORS


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WHERE TO APPLY: The Renner YM-M040 series water-based uniforming impregnating agent is applied on windows and coverings, doors, beams and garden furniture, matchboards and balconies, fences. Specifically formulated for conifers and hardwoods poor in tannin. Not suitable for woods rich in tannin (oak, chestnut, iroko)



DRYING: 2-4 hours


FURTHER INFORMATION: Renner YM-M040 Professional water-based uniforming impregnating product from the line Aquaris by Renner Italy it's a impregnating able to give wooden items a soft appearance and to enhance the wood grain, it minimizes the color alterations that usually appear on the same item, good match in spray or brush use.

The impregnating agent YM-M040 Renner it is a product that dyes and protects the wood, allowing it to maintain its unaltered appearance by standardizing its color.

The professional impregnating agent Aquaris YM-M040 by Renner Italia it is indicated for the treatment of wood outdoors.

 It can be painted over with itself or with any product from the Aquaris line.


Substrate preparation The wood must be well dried (12-14% humidity).

Thoroughly clean the surface of the wood and remove any traces of grease, wax or resins.

 For sanding wood, we recommend 150 grit paper for conifers or 180 grit for hardwoods.

Sanding To be carried out only if you want to subsequently apply a single finishing coat. Manual: (240-280) Brushing machine: (220-240)0)

Overpainting: Overpaintable with water-based products for exteriors from the AQUARIS range, which include intermediates, spray bases and both transparent and pigmented finishes.