Macota Paint Spray Can Radiators Thermo Resistant 150 ° DOES NOT YELLOW 400ML


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RADIATORS • Product made with high quality modified acrylic resins. Ideal for painting cast iron, aluminum and steel radiators, it dries in 10 minutes. Scratch resistant, resistant to washing with alcohol or strong detergents, it does not yellow over time.

Withstands temperatures of 150 ° C. Clean the surface thoroughly before painting. Shake well for a few minutes. The cylinder temperature must be around 20 °/25 ° C. It is advisable to check the operation of the valve with short test sprays.

Spray the product on the object to be painted evenly at a distance of about 25 cm. To avoid dripping, apply the enamel in thin layers, with repeated passes, at intervals of a few minutes.

Coverage of a 1.5 - 2 m2 cylinder.

Paint removal with Acetone and/or Nitro thinner.