U Power Gemini S1P ESD Red Up - Summer and breathable safety shoes


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U Power Gemini S1P ESD Red Up - Safety shoes

High Rebound spring / summer midsole Red-Up lineUp

  • ·    Nylon and Suede
  • ·    Spring Summer
  • ·    High Rebound midsole
  • ·    Safety level S1P SRC ESD
  • ·    Fit 11 Mondopoint
  • ·    Weight 520 gr (size 42)

Latest generation footwear le safety shoes U Power Gemini S1P SRC ESD present themselves on the market as one of the top models of Red-Up line , last born in the house U-Power, designed and built in collaboration with the Basf group, world leader in the production of chemical foam materials improve comfort, there safety and everyday practicality. Always the UPower philosophy it is aimed at researching materials, components and technologies that improve working life of the person, in harmony with the environment and respect for health. The Red Up range is the new line of highly innovative work shoes with midsole High Rebound in Elastopan developed together with  Basf, which improves performances and daily comfort; High Rebound absorbs energy impact of the foot in the support and thrust phase, ensuring a return of  positive energy of more than 40% , leaving the foot dynamic and active throughout the working day. The mixture of components that form High Rebound they give flexibility , lightness, comfort, reducing the sense of tiredness and daily fatigue. The Gemini safety shoes are ESD , suitable for use in specific work environments, in the presence of chemicals, microchips, laboratories with explosive materials at risk of explosion or fire; the ESD shoes I'm electrically dissipative , download , then, the electric charges are constantly on the ground accumulated by the human body during use, avoiding so-called electric shocks , responsible for serious and difficult-to-manage incidents. Let's take a closer look at the Gemini ESD :

  • ·      Upper in ultra-breathable Nylon and soft suede which keep the foot dry and cool; fluorescent green inserts that highlight the line of the shoe
  • ·      Breathable air tunnel Wingtex lining, with special microcells that absorb and disperse internal moisture
  • ·      Tip in AirToe Aluminum, lightweight, perforated with membrane resistant up to 200 J
  • ·      Memory ESD insole in Elastopan Basf with slow memory that wraps the foot across its entire surface, the channels on the surface and the holes promote air circulation, while the antibacterial lining fabric absorbs sweat
  • ·      Save & Flex Plus NON-metallic anti-perforation foil
  • ·      Compact Pu tread, anti-static, anti-abrasion and anti-slip, surface resistant with presence of oil and liquids


Red Up


Breathable Nylon and Suede




Memory ESD in Elastopan


Compact PU


Save & Flex Plus anti-perforation no metal


Air-toe Aluminum


High Rebound

Shoe type



20345: 2011

Security level



11 Mondopoint Natural Confort

Weight (size 42)

520 g