3D HD Nitro Seal Protective sealant for 2-step Nano Technology paints


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HD NITRO SEAL is a sealant for copolymer paints. Make sure the car is properly prepared by cleaning it and removing any scratches on the surface underneath.

Clean with rubbing alcohol, then wipe off any wax or any existing contaminants on the paint. HD NITRO SEAL is an extremely simple product to apply. We have labeled it with black to go with the black pad, part"A"The red to go to the red pad, part"B".
It needs very little use, usually one of these cans is for two whole cars. Apply three small dabs by hand or with a polisher.
Wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the product to flash on the surface; if it is about to fog up, let it blink completely.
Do the whole vehicle, then go back. Start over from part B. Put 3 small drops on the red mat from the red bottle and rub it on the surface. With product “B”, you can apply it in one type of massage or polishing motion. The most important part of this is the application is the complete coverage.
What Part B does is bring out the brilliance and depth that Part"A"can't. Don't be afraid to apply it to plastic, upholstery, grille or even glass and headlights. It won't cause any problems, if anything it will cover and protect those parts for longer.
HD NITRO SEAL is intended to cover the entire surface of the car. All we have to do from this point is to wait an hour before removing the haze. We want to wait for this to harden, later we can remove it with the microfiber towel provided in the package.

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